Frequently Asked Questions

After the contract is offered and signed, a new author (and even experienced authors who are working with a new publisher) often have a long list of questions and concerns, but at the heart of them all is…What now? We at Cobblestone Press seek to answer that question with this document, which covers the editing process and issues regarding release dates and cover art.

About Editing

Q. When will I be assigned an editor?
A. After your contract has been signed, your manuscript will be uploaded to the editorial department. Our managing editor, Leanne Salter, will handle the editor assignment and notify you of that assignment, when made, via e‐mail. You can expect to hear from your editor shortly after that assignment notification; however, when edits actually begin depends on the editor’s current workload. At present, the wait between contract and the start of the editing process is 1 to 3 months. This timeframe is not a guarantee and is subject to change depending on editor availability and manuscript backlog.

Q. How long will the editing process last?
A. Because of numerous variables—such as the length of a manuscript and the type of edits that may be necessary—your editor cannot give you a set date for when the editing process, or any phase of it, will end. Each editor is tasked to focus not on dates but on providing the most accurate and thorough edit; the time needed to complete that task will vary with every manuscript.

Q. What can I expect from editing at Cobblestone Press?
A. We require that our editors take a very hard look at everything we publish. An editor is required to read each assigned manuscript from start‐to‐finish three (3) times, during which grammar, style, punctuation, character development, and plot are scrutinized. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be corrected, and suggestions for plot and character development will be offered. After each editing pass, the author will receive a copy of the manuscript for review.

You, as the author, are not asked to review only the edits made by your editor. Please, take the time to read your story through during each pass so that you can pick up on anything you might want to tweak. Use the three editing passes to your best advantage. Proofing the book after it’s converted for sale is too late. Before the final pass, the author is asked to add the Dedication (if any) and Author Bio (required) to the manuscript; both of which will also receive a proofreading during the third and final editing pass of the entire manuscript.

Q. What if I don’t agree with the edits?
A. We all know how painful and intrusive the editing process can be. Edits are not personal and trust that your editor is trying to make your book the best it can be. Grammar and punctuation corrections are not negotiable. Plot and character development suggestions are negotiable but do take the time to really consider what your editor has said.

Q. What if my editor and I have a personal conflict?
A. If this matter cannot be resolved one on one—please contact Leanne ASAP, and let her know. Her e‐mail address is: leanne@cobblestone‐ If the matter must be escalated to the publisher level, Leanne will come to us. Trust that it is the goal of everyone at CP to make publishing with us a positive and rewarding experience.

Q. Will I have the same editor for every book I publish with Cobblestone Press?
A. No. The managing editor assigns manuscripts to the editorial staff on a rotation‐basis, depending on each editor’s individual workloads and availability.

Q. May I request the same editor?
A. No. While we understand an author’s preference for “familiarity” and the importance of a good, constructive author‐editor relationship, we are also just as confident in the abilities of our entire editing staff to meet the needs of any author to ensure high quality publications. Other factors—such as workload, length of manuscript, and editor availability—are used to determine who is assigned to edit your manuscript.

After Editing

Q. When will a release date be assigned to my book?
A. After the editing process is complete. The publication date is assigned by the Cobblestone Press administration, not the managing editor or editing staff.

Q. What determines the release date?
A. Each release date is chosen with care—determined, in part, by our marketing plan. Taken into consideration are: how the genre and content rating of your manuscript relates to other books already on the schedule and your last publishing date—for those authors with multiple books at Cobblestone Press.

Q. When the book goes up on the release schedule… is it subject to change?
A. No, once a book is assigned a release date —that date is concrete.

Q. How many books will be released each month?
A. Currently 6 to 9 titles on the 15th of each month.

Q. How will I be notified of my release date?
A. The author will receive an email from management concerning release date after edits are completed on the manuscript.

Q. When will I receive my review copies?
A. We provide author copies after the book is released to lower the liklihood of the book being pirated before the book is released.

Q. What review sites are on the publisher’s automatic send list?
A. You will receive a list of review sites with your author copies.

About Cover Art

Q. When will I receive cover art for my book?
A. Cover Art forms are assigned to artists as they are able to take on new projects. Approximate wait time for cover art is one to two (1‐2) months. Questions concerning your cover can be sent to:

Q. Do I have input on my cover?
A. Yes. When you sign the contract, you receive a Cover Art form in your author’s packet. Fill it out completely; the more detail you provide about what you want, the better the artist can meet your expectations.

Q. What if the cover isn’t exactly what I had in mind?
A. The artist’s job is to get as close as possible to what the author wants. However, if you envision Orlando Bloom, you are not going to get him on the cover. You’ll get as close to Orlando Bloom as we can find or draw.

Q. How much nudity can I have on my cover?
A. Almost none. Cobblestone Press is dedicated to providing classy as well as sexy covers for our authors. Image is everything. Where we will allow some flesh to show—a man’s bare chest, a woman’s bare back or shoulders—we will not have “pink parts” of the male or female body, namely: butt, genitals, and female breasts. Nor we will allow sex toys or implied sex acts (excluding kissing).

Q. Can I request a certain Cobblestone Press artist?
A. Yes. There is a place to make such a request on the Cover Art form. The art director will try to assign the artist of your choice. However, if that artist has other projects and/or no time, the cover will be assigned to another artist to keep to our 1‐2 month schedule.

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